A Latvian Woman’s Myth [myth: belief, story, odyssey]


Ever since we can remember ourselves, we recall being next to powerful women. At first, it was our grand- grandmothers, then grandmothers and moms. After that our teachers, friend's moms and so on… That is the heritage that has been maintained through the ages and generations, and it shows that Latvian women are profound, strong, and powerful.


Time passed, and we were lucky and still are to discover the world traveling as the Latvian Voices and performing for so many different audiences worldwide. After 10 years of Latvian Voices, we have seen this power, extraordinariness, deepness, and beauty everywhere in the world. It has shown us that every woman, despite ethnic belonging, race, age, religion, location - is unique! And most importantly - jointly and similarly. 


It inspired Laura Jēkabsone to create this composition titled "Latvian Myth," which tells about women of the world and their flow. 

The story brings us to the very begging - our birth. Mysterious as a magic circle. A woman gives birth to a daughter, she grows up into a beautiful woman who falls in love, gets married, and then gives birth to her child, and then again, the story starts. Every time the same events, but in reality, so different. 

Latvietes mīts

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