Little Christmas Melancholia

During the time before Christmas many of us hear our inner voices more clearly and tend to think about what is most valuable in our lives, thus unintentionally surrendering to light and serene longing. But maybe this little Christmas melancholia is just a necessary route towards once again meeting with joy and gladness? Isn’t this the sadness that shows ever more clearly what real happiness is? 


Little Christmas Melancholia will allow the listeners to become acquainted with new songs written by the group members and also recognize traditional Christmas melodies that will intertwine with folk music and winter solstice traditions that are so close to the hearts of Latvian Voices.


Little Christmas Melancholia invites to a meeting of music, humans and souls.


Program is suitable for both - concert halls and churches.

It is amplified program.

© 2020 Photo by Una Taal-Medvide